An eye-opening year. All thanks to…… COVID-19. What now seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t give us the idea of being all the way in the clear, especially since we’re still holding on strong to face masks. Face masks —-who would’ve thought?

​March was extremely unexpected. Who knew we were actually going to be in a lockdown, just like in the movies? It’s almost a little hard to remember my last outing with friends, it makes me feel excited for the day I will start a fire and huddle all my nieces and nephews around and start with “back in my day.” That excitement won’t come soon I’m sure. COVID-19 is still here.

I think the craziest part for me was seeing how fast toilet paper was running out. I would think to myself “why are people panicking?” But the truth is, I too was panicking on the inside. Who wouldn’t panic?

I was still working while others were out of work. Freeways were empty. 2020 was the year I ultimately learned so much in just a couple of months. I realized how busy and how caught up I was in life. So busy that I wasn’t taking much care of myself or my mental health. I started to research so much and ended up finding what was good for me. I shared my findings with my husband and we both benefited from it. It impacted me in a major way, I feel that I changed for the better. I realized what or who matters.

Unfortunately, we did lose a family member to COVID-19. The sad part about it all is that it took a loved one passing away to bring the whole family back together. This pandemic turned into a huge break in life that was much needed. I was a workaholic but now…… What matters to me is my family.