I live in New Zealand, my name is Caitin, a lawyer by profession. It is really gratifying to analyze how COVID-19 has been fought in my country, fortunately, we have been very responsible with all the biosecurity regulations and the monitoring that has been carried out with the possible affected has been vital for the control of the pandemic.

Responsibility is an essential rule in order to control the spread of this virus. The beginning of the pandemic was intimidating, the news worldwide worried us since the impact on the economy that is the main engine of the world was being directly affected which affects us worldwide. Waiting for the creation of the vaccine so that the recovery of those affected begins and the return to tranquility, although unfortunately many people have already died and the pain caused by the absence of loved ones has no recovery.

I never imagined that a disease could attack us in this way and cause so much sadness and hopelessness, no matter its origin, the only thing we hope is that the vaccine is effective and soon we can overcome all this nightmare and initiate a positive change in our lives.

We know that we have to die in one way or another, but I find this pandemic intimidating and I ask the superior being that governs us, whatever it is, not to let us get this painful disease; time passes slowly and the pandemic is spreading everywhere, without looking at social classes, religious or ideological distinctions.

The healthy thing would be for us to strengthen ourselves socially and to be responsible, taking care of each other, but our selfishness is greater and we only care about ourselves and our closest family.