I got the symptoms starting in late February: red sore eyes and a headache. I took some goodies powder for the horrible headache and went on with my life. The headache came and went for about two weeks…then other symptoms of sore throat, diarrhea, fatigue, and slight shortness of breath appeared. This was still before anyone was recognizing the severity of the virus in the US, so there was no real push to social distance nor were there any treatment recommendations.

I gargled with salt water and did several steam treatments when the sore throat came on. By this time, I suspected I probably had the coronavirus as it was being called overseas. I read that Chinese doctors were treating patients with large doses of Vitamin C, so I started 8000mg of Vitamin C per day and that really helped keep my energy up and helping me feel good. I also took elderberry syrup several times per day and walked around in my yard as much as I could.

Luckily I had a mild case overall, but it did seem to last a long time. Every time I felt I was better, I would go exercise it was like, bam, on came the headache and shortness of breath again. I would say I had about 3 total waves of the symptoms, and each was shorter than the one before. In the last wave, I only had 2 days of headache and slight shortness of breath. I did fall asleep on the floor (during the day) a few times while my daughter was distance learning; I was just too tired to keep my eyes open.

I have been symptom-free for several weeks now. Although I never got an actual COVID-19 throat/nasal swab, I tested positive twice for antibodies.