How can I forget about when it all started? I came to know that I had conceived on 24th February, 2020. All was going well. While following my daily routine, the news of COVID-19 seemed like a part of it. But I hadn’t imagined that this disease would turn into this kind of nightmare for the world. And seriously, the news was on fire about the rapid rise in the coronavirus cases; a disease which was resulting not only in health issues, but also leading to death.

I was trying to cope with this frightening atmosphere of fear, negativity, and uncertainty every single second of the day because it could affect me and my baby badly. And on 23rd March, 2020, a complete lockdown began in order to control COVID-19 cases which were rising rapidly. I tried every effort to keep myself positive, even after going through lots of mental and physical changes. I wanted to eat whatever I wanted, roam to wherever I wanted to, but due to COVID-19, I was feeling caged in the home! And things turned worse when I started suffering from some health issues during pregnancy. It was very tough dealing with negativity outside and inside my body.

Therefore, after online consulting with my gynecologist, she suggested I should have some medications incase my condition turned worse because even doctors were saying not to visit hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes unless it is very urgent. And also, we were avoiding crowd exposure as much we could, therefore after suffering for almost 4-5 months with this issue, my sister suggested doing a few yoga practices. Thanks to it I was relieved to an end and felt better than before and completed my pregnancy duration.

My whole pregnancy duration was full of mixed feelings, but when on 12th November, 2020, I saw the cute little face of my daughter for the very first time, all the bad experiences washed away. And today I hold my hands in thankfulness our Almighty for this beautiful blessing!