The morning is rainy and with the rain, the uncertainty returns, COVID-19 reappears in our lives, although we already know how to control it. I live in Lyon, my name is Steve, I work as an engineer.

We now have the mouth cover and the inevitable antiseptic as a new accessory, all commerce is now open and normality has returned to our lives, now with a new regrowth we feel fear, we continue with social distancing, we must continue with our lives improving our behavior, being more supportive and more aware that death is inherent to Being. With this pandemic I have detached myself from material things; I have learned to live with what is necessary. I feel free and more fun, time with my family (with my daughter and my wife) is of quality, the time we share at home is peaceful. Lately, I dedicate time to children’s games, from board games to children’s stories, I have returned to my childhood, all that fills me and makes me value my life and that of my loved ones.

The pandemic attacks us again but we must continue to fully comply with all the rules established with responsibility for ourselves and as a community in general to achieve a prosperous end and for deaths worldwide to cease and to be able to travel freely as in other times, walk and enjoy the outdoors without omens.

I just hope that at the end of this chapter in our lives each of us can look back and remember this episode in our lives as a great lesson and to be a better version of ourselves for all those around us.