My symptoms began on 22nd March. I was not tested as there were no tests in the UK at that time. Now on week 10 and still not fully recovered. I’ve managed at home the whole time; the main symptoms have been shortness of breath and extreme fatigue, also headache, fever, chills/sweating, cough, chest pain, upper back pain, sternum pain/inflammation, sore throat. Chest x-ray and blood at week 8 clear.

Activity brings on shortness of breath and fatigue. I tried to return to work in week 3 and relapsed straight away. The pattern continued every time I did one or 2 half days at work with a day off in-between. Fatigue increased as weeks went on. Now feel best I’ve felt after another whole week of complete rest (apart from 30mins walking every day) and sleeping during the day when I need to. Shortness of breath, chest pain, and fatigue have been the most severe and predominant symptoms.

Never imagined COVID-19 would be anything like this. I was in great health before, running 3 times a week, dog walks, and physical job. Spending nearly 12 weeks recovering has been shocking. I imagined if I contracted it I would be ill for a week and bounce back because I was so fit. I have never experienced anything like this and have felt very low at times. Managing how much activity I can do before symptoms come crashing back has been very difficult. It’s as if the inflammation caused by the virus just won’t calm down with normal measures. Rest is all that works. Even for fit and healthy people, this virus can be devastating. I feel lucky not to have been in ICU though.