Hey guys, my name is Patrick L., I live in London. It seems that the nightmare will soon end, after living in confinement and with so many restrictions, everything seems to have been a bad dream with a beautiful awakening. In this timeframe, we learned to take care of each other and to respect each other.

In this pandemic we have valued every moment of our existence, we learned to be more supportive and to love our family. They were difficult situations that taught us to be more constant and to value every minute of our existence, being more receptive to positive change. After the confinement, we came to find ourselves and truly know our partner and listen to our children. I learned to do housework; how difficult is all this routine, but fortunately, this is already dying. Although I am still concerned about the news of new outbreaks in other countries, I believe and hope that this does not happen again.

Now that everything restarted and we resumed our work, we carry it out with diligence and promptness, I love freedom, being able to go anywhere and at any time is priceless, I feel free as the rain, I feel happy and I hope not to repeat this nightmare of the pandemic never again, although the time we shared with my beautiful family was fruitful.

I did not think that a big hug, a smile, sharing was so important, with all this situation we learned to fall in love with the details and the little things, at a good time this is already over ….. I hope so