My name is Beatriz C. I am an athlete and a housewife. I never imagined that this virus would come to our country and less to our lives. When I heard that it started in China, I said to myself, that will never come here. But unfortunately today we are living it, with the uncertainty of not knowing when it will end.

I miss not being able to go out and enjoy my bike, share with my friends, enjoy nature, and hug when we see each other. Enjoy so many details that we saw as so simple, but that in this running of the bulls I think they were very valuable.

My days are no longer the same. I have learned many recipes and in general all the household chores we now do in the company of my children and my husband. At times we pray, watch movies, put together puzzles and play in the parks. In short, we try to share many moments that we had not enjoyed for a long time, due to work and my children’s studies.

I make video calls to my family, which I hardly ever do and I enjoy them a lot. I had already forgotten what it’s like living with my children since they no longer live with me because of study and work. In these circumstances, we have returned to be together again and I am grateful to live and to God for allowing me.

I think I have learned a lot. To be very strong even in the most difficult moments. A hug for all, and that with the help of God and all of us, this nightmare ends very soon.