I have been living in this paradise for 14 years and I have had everything, hurricanes, crises of all kinds, and H1 N1 pandemic. And I must confess that I would never have imagined living what we are experiencing or in my wildest dreams.

Not even in November and December, when the virus was already being talked about, I never thought that they would develop a crisis of this magnitude to the point of suspending almost the entire economy. Like most people, I was caught completely off guard and curved.

I am an artist who due to living in the Mexican Caribbean, lives mainly from tourism and hospitality, and all that collapsed overnight. To this day I am at least a survivor and surprised I have been more than 3 months without generating a single penny and living on the few savings I have, I do not have much because I never imagined that I would live something similar. I have enough expenses for rent, food, and expenses in general, Playa del Carmen is a very expensive city in the Mexican Republic, and more now that everything has gone up in price due to the crisis, a crazy thing!

We have been more than 3 months and there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet. Quite uncertain the near future when seeing how the savings go. And I am quite surprised by how long they have lasted since I am a Sybarite person, Bon Vivant and to have got here I really would not have believed it because for the same reason I always spend savings on things and I do not have enough.

I always knew that wealth was measured in how long you could live well without working. And in that case, I think it was not so bad in the average of the bulk of the population but I am already coming soon around the corner but God will provide. So far I am an immensely fortunate person in every way for every detail that would be endless to list but anyway. Thank God I am still here with all health and a good mental state, I live at the moment while I can pay the rent in a spectacular building with a rooftop pool and amazing sea view which has helped me quite psychologically to be well in this lockdown.

I know that it is still many months before we can see something far from normal that we already saw very badly because each year has been worse than the previous one but that was the most wonderful paradise in comparison since the “Pandemic” magnified by this world crisis already existing is a crazy thing but anyway, at least I have the beer that starvation I will not die.

God will provide and meanwhile we continue in resistance to see how everything develops and in the meantime the positive!