I haven’t had COVID-19 at all but it has affected me in many ways. I don’t have a job or a high school diploma and I was feeling ready to get started. I was going to get my GED. I started taking classes in January. In the middle of it, I traveled to Washington state to see someone I used to date. This was before everything shut down and when I came back everything was closing and I couldn’t go back to class to get my life started.

I was struggling with a toxic brother and mean and it made me struggle with the relationship I had. All of that fell apart. I made my brother move out and broke up with my boyfriend. After my brother broke up with his fiancĂ© she went straight to my ex-boyfriend and pestered me about how great of a boyfriend he is. I was a mental mess trying to heal from all that. I’m better now. I need to get back to starting my life again.

At one point my other brother, the one I consider the good brother ended up with COVID-19 before he visited us and I had to get checked and came back negative. Other than that I have yet to see this virus in the face.

I never got to travel often. It costs too much but since prices are down I’m having the chance to do so. I will be flying out to see my mom. I have also applied for things and I have found someone new and I have three life choices to make that will determine my future. I might live in an RV out in the middle of nowhere living off the land with my mom, stay home, and try to start things with my life. My grandpa is going to leave the house to me and there is money in my name to help pay for bills until I can get a job. Or my current boyfriend who I have known for many years said I could live with him if I need to. I hope things work out this time.