My name is Saif, I’m a nurse at the hospital, living in Alger, Algeria. I want to tell you about the story of my mother during COVID-19, she was infected with this virus.

The story began after COVID-19 became a big problem and spread around our city. My mother was 42 years old, she had good health without any chronic disease or any other bad disease. And I was working at the hospital, and because of the situation of the virus, I didn’t go out of the hospital until August 2020. After that month I started work with a rotational system, so I could go home.

But a very sad situation happened to us. I transported the virus to my mother, so I took her to the hospital and the medical staff put my mother in an isolation room where no one else was allowed to accompany her, only the medical staff specialist against this virus. This situation made the whole family panic and we didn’t know what to do. And suddenly, after some days in the isolation room, my mother left this world. We were all heartbroken for my mother, she left this world at an early age.