Well, you know the problem. My husband is at high risk if he gets COVID-19. Our activities are extremely limited. We don’t see any point in me going out and doing whatever I want and then coming home. Eventually, he would get it too. The hardest part is not being able to have my son over for Christmas unless there is a vaccine or SOMETHING.

What else is hard? Not having the freedom to do the things I used to enjoy. I miss our vacation to Florida. I miss my family. I miss going to lunch with my girlfriends. I miss going to church.  If I was not a believer in Jesus Christ, I seriously do not know how this could be possible to go through. Some days are better than others. I do know that there are many things I can do without. I color my own hair now- saves a lot of money.

Somehow as I am writing this I know I am not really saying what is in my heart. What is in my heart is- ‘I want my life back.’ My wish is to go to the beach. My son, my husband, and I. He can bring the girlfriend (my son of course lol)  I want to soak up the sun and hear the ocean waves. I pray this will happen before I die. I am 62- almost and thanks for listening. It is hard, but God is good. I am thankful for my beautiful home, husband, my son, my dog, my sisters, my friends. I am also grateful for music, for Janet and Craig Parschall on Moody Radio. For trees that blow in the wind. For boly lights. for my nightgown from Vermont flannel. Hugs to all of you. Many of you have it a lot tougher. God bless. Hang in there!