COVID-19 gave me the break to almost everything, so I call it COVID-19, The Break Giver. Whether I am happy about the break or not, it is so true that the break was possible because of this pandemic.

The pandemic enabled me to go back to my home country and spend time with my family and friends. Some of my friends were told to take a break from their company, and it was not pleasant for them. Some of them even had to leave their company due to the financial difficulties caused by COVID-19.

Even though my friends were free from work for some time, we still couldn’t meet as much as we had met before COVID-19. That’s where the in-person social break comes for the first time in my life. I had to limit big gatherings under the government guidelines. I also had to shorten my appointment and shopping time to meet the reduced operating hours for the stores. As all the meetings were changed to online, I also saw the benefits of it. I was able to relax at my home wearing home-wear, and I had more free time which would have been used as preparation time and travel time if there was no COVID-19.

Staying away from social life meant I had more time to focus on myself and my loved ones. It was good, but it was enough time that I learned something and I will always remember where my focus should be. I now want my social life before the coronavirus pandemic to be back again. I feel I’ve had enough of a break!