My life with COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed, I had to change my home, my job, in general change my plans. But I don’t want to tell about that, because stories like that are known to us daily. I want to tell you about my spiritual experience thanks to COVID-19. I am not going to say that everything has been good, nor that everything has been calm and happy. Not at all…I have had periods of sadness, voluntary loneliness, depression, contradiction, anger, anxiety, aggressiveness…

I have discovered characteristics in my personality that I did not know, that I never thought would inhabit me.

For years I have tried to believe the story of being a calm, wise, peaceful person… perhaps that is what in the end I want to become, but I am not, not now, I have to work on it to achieve it.

I have never spent so much time locked in the same place, I am a person who was always thinking about what to do, my mind did not stop, I did not have the ability to enjoy the present moment. It is not easy, it is not. I have had difficult days, in which stress and anger have taken over me.

But thanks to those moments I have realized that not even I can tolerate myself, that I easily manage to destabilize myself. So I decided to start studying about the most important being in my life, myself. I have always had an interest in the knowledge of the human species, but I had never had the courage to first study inward.

Thanks to this crisis I have decided to seek help and decided to start going to the psychologist, which has helped me. I have learned to know myself, to respect myself, to reevaluate my life, to be the person I want to be.

Loss and growth are the best tools to make us grow and improve. So if you are reading this and are going through something similar, don’t feel bad. Sometimes out of boredom and bad times the most wonderful things come out!