Previously, I worked as a laborer in Newmont Nusa Tenggara Mining. But now, I have no job, because of this COVID-19. My situation now is difficult. I have a wife with three children. I am Rizal W., and living in Taliwang Sumbawa. I am 32 years old. I do not know what I have to write in this story. The point is no good news from me.

I would like readers of my story to understand how difficult my life is and for my family. Due to the coronavirus, so many things are changing in my life. While I wrote this story, I was crying and in my imagination, I remember my three children, what they will be if I pass away. I was remembering my wife, how will she develop my children’s life if I pass away.

Fortunately, I have three brothers and two sisters who support my life. Just now, they give me money for food and other stuff. They asked me to be patient because of this problem, not only for us but for all the people in the world. I knew about that, however, as a normal human, I’m still afraid of what will happen if ┬áCOVID-19 still exists in our world.

Every day, among my activities, I always pray to our God, hoping this disease will disappear. I still am hopeful that God must have a big plan for humans in the world for the next. I can not imagine what other people are doing for getting food and money in this situation. Sometimes I do not eat any food. I particularly gave my children and my wife.

Oh my God, please help us from this situation, mainly please help all the miserable people at this time. I’ve lost words to write any other thing. Please forgive me if my English is so poor.