I was pregnant when the coronavirus started to spread in Ethiopia and my first baby was one year. I have been stressed a lot. It has changed my thoughts and plans a lot. I have been worried for my entire family, even for myself, and especially for my mother and father.

My family is far from where I was. And my husband has been so busy with his work. I was saying, in case if I get infected with this coronavirus, who could take care of my little baby?

Even watching the television and hearing the news of the pandemic all the time and searching the websites to know about updated information about coronavirus also increased my worries. But the advantage of following the information helped me to take care of it; washing my hands frequently and making sure that anybody who comes to our home must wash their hands and put on the face mask or not come in.

Even the researchers’ expectations weren’t like what the current situation is. If coronavirus affects so badly developed countries how difficult could it be for Africa?

I couldn’t manage to go back to my family’s place. All my prayers and wishes are to see and meet my beloved ones after this difficult time. But thanks to God we all are okay. And now I’m so thankful for the vaccine. I think things are getting better now.