I work as a research assistant and my name is Reuben. I live in Louisiana, USA.

COVID-19 has had a drastic impact in my life. In the Summer 2020, we were restricted because of the pandemic. I was not allowed to teach and this had an effect on my finances as I did not receive a salary while not teaching. I actually took a pay cut to be specific. Beyond that, I was also running some human experiments that also had to be halted for eight months until the easing of the lockdown measures.

I would say that while the virus did not directly affect people close to me, but it took a very direct hit at my finances. There were some impact checks issued to us sent by the government but they did not suffice as they were less than my renumeration. At the same time, prices for basic commodities skyrocketed while we were struggling financially.

There were also further delays in my career and personal development plans that I will now have to make up for. When it comes to family, I worried about the elderly people in my family especially my mum and grand mum. I was extra careful and cautious in a followed all the safety measures, in fact, I would say I was borderline paranoid.

I think it is high time we try our possible best to live normally again and to move along with this virus. Even with emerging mutations and breakthrough infections of vaccinated individuals, I think we just have to learn to live the best we can with this virus until our current situation changes.