Firstly, I had a lung infection for about 30 days, then finally thinking that I overcame the disease, the worse was yet to come, infact never-ending symptoms started with gastrointestinal problems, stomach pains in every part of the stomach, left, right, you name the area, nausea, bloating, acid reflux, gas. Then finally started to find my diet with trial and errors and thinking that I got past this then all of a sudden one day my esophagus was swollen and I could not eat solid foods.

Since then for about 4 weeks or so I am on a soft food, pureed, smoothied diet…I cannot go back to my old diet anymore as I am scared and still there are problems in my throat. In the meantime, chest pains, heart palpitations were happening time to time. But for now, mainly this time, I am experiencing for about 15 days or so, mouth dryness, throat dryness, eye dryness, and skin dryness, and time to time joint pains which can be Sjogren’s syndrome that I am experiencing now.

What they say is that we have inflammation because overreacting immune system is ongoing everywhere; in our glands, stomach, throat, etc…I lost 15 kgs since I got infected…What to tell more, I am searching somewhere to be treated and looked after but it is hard to find such a place as we do not know really what our problem is and what to do….Trapped in UK as well which is a semi open prison, no clinics and hospitals are working properly…A&Es are useless…I am thinking to escape asap from here if only I knew where I can be treated and looked after.