I am Maryam and I am a housewife, I have been for the past 10 years. I worked as a primary school teacher for 8 years, before I got married and after that, I am just taking care of my household matters. I am a mother of three; two sons, and one daughter. My eldest son has a disease named autism spectrum disorder.

With this pandemic, the world changed a lot and also my life changed as well. My school-going son and daughter are now studying from home as they don`t go to school. I have to teach them at home and life has become so difficult because of my eldest son because I also have to take care of him full-time. My workload has increased too much and I am trying to manage things but it is very difficult for me. I do not get even a minute for myself since this all started.

Like other parts of the world, here we also have a lockdown situation and we cannot go out like we used to do normally but the main issue is that the government has failed to support us and provide relief in the period of this global crisis.

I hope and pray that this virus ends soon as we do not have more endurance than this. I also pray that God saves everyone from this virus and we should return to God during this period of crisis. I hope you will like my story and thank you for reading it.