My name is José, from Sevilla Spain, I am a person older than 84 years, however, I am not so bad for these technological tools, it calls my attention. So, my granddaughter, she has 25 years old, and with her love, patience and sweetness teaches me more things every day to use these pages. And when she told me about this page, I said yes because yes, my life has been changed with this pandemic, I really liked the idea. Yes, my life has changed, especially due to my state of health.

I have had a hip fracture for about 4 months. And just days before the start of this pandemic, I had an appointment to go to the hospital in Seville and check the state of my battered hip, but due to the catastrophic situation that we had to live in Spain, I was told from the hospital that this appointment was postponed no date until further notice.

Almost all medical consultations in the country have been canceled due to a health emergency. In addition to the isolation caused by the coronavirus, there is also the uncertainty of the evolution of my fracture. There are days when the pain is strong and I ask for paracetamol to calm the discomfort and I can hardly take a couple of steps in a row. My granddaughter doubts what to do, she asks herself: Can we hold on even if he loses mobility, or do we take him to the hospital and expose him to a COVID-19 infection? There is no certainty of what will be the best choice, but my granddaughter advises me that it is better to endure without going to the hospital, since although the situation at this time is more controlled, there is always the possibility of a possible new outbreak and for being an older person I am more exposed.

I hope to be able to go to the hospital soon, since the pain is sometimes unbearable, and I have lost great mobility in my legs.