This pandemic has definitely overtaken us all, but I think that the most vulnerable of us are most affected: The population with a child or family member with a disability.

My son is 6 years old and has down syndrome. He was in a regular kindergarten school, hoping that in addition to being integrated, he would be included in the activities and, although this struggle with the school was already complicated, now it is more so because we are left alone. The contents on the TV or internet do not have the appropriate adaptations for our children, and we find ourselves in the dilemma of letting the school year go by and looking for alternatives at home with therapists or teachers who can give them care and follow-up; I sit in a dead-end tunnel without knowing if I am doing the right thing.

My son does not understand why he cannot hug anyone, why he no longer goes to school, why he no longer goes to play in a playful place, why he no longer leaves his house. Definitely, inclusive education does not exist and although at home we make an effort to look for alternatives, we do believe that beyond learning, you need social contact with your friends. Now that the school year has started, I tried to put my son on the TV to see if it caught his attention but it was the contrary, he got angry and went to another place, because if he does not achieve sustained attention of 10 minutes with a classroom teacher, less in front of the TV or the computer!

I feel sad to know that this situation may bring us a setback since I do not have the tools or the knowledge to help him.
I hope my son can return to school without any risk soon, as I am concerned about his mental health.