Every day is the same. I wake up every morning not sure which day of the week it is before checking my phone.
The monotonous routine of sitting in front of my laptop for hours for work, eat and sleep. Some days are different though, 24 hours of COVID-19 prescribed house arrest only punctuated by trips to the shops for food, while maintaining a distance of 2 meters from another human being. Of course, we are also allowed to go outside to exercise once daily. I have definitely spent more time watching Netflix than exercising. The motivation to exercise once every day isn’t there anymore.

The COVID-19 lockdown is a huge contrast to my usual routine of client interaction and international travel for work. I miss my active lifestyle now replaced with long hours of physical inactivity. I miss the unique feeling of being able to hold and hug my loved ones. At the beginning of the pandemic, I found it easy to stay indoors, after all, these measures are there to keep everyone safe. But now, after a few weeks of COVID-19 lockdown, I am finding the lockdown mentally exhausting. I try and cheer myself up with constant communication with family and friends.

Having said that, I count myself lucky because as well as my close friends and family, I am COVID-19 free. I am also extremely grateful to the frontline healthcare workers and scientists doing their absolute best to defeat this virus.