My name is Alejandra R., due to this pandemic my life has changed in many ways, my rhythm of life has changed, my way of thinking has been constantly changing, I have had quiet, reflective, and happy days and others in which I just wanted to go out and scream on a mountain where no one would listen to me and I could scream until I was voiceless from the stress or uncomfortable situations of the day.

But what has changed the most thanks to the COVID-19, has been my romantic relationships, it has been an issue that due to this pandemic, I have rethought. I have rethought the way my love relationships are, and how I was having one of these a little before this chaos broke out. So not everything has been that bad. I’m going to tell a bit of my story, taking advantage of the fact that I can do it and surely nobody will know who I am.

I am a 26-year-old girl, I studied architecture at a good university. And I had a 4-year relationship with a boy. It was a pretty toxic relationship for me. Well, in reality, I was not entirely happy, I just thought I was, and in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of getting a good job, traveling, living all the time in pursuit of society. My emotional and mental health were only in the background.

Thanks to the COVID-19 I had to rethink my daily activities, I would no longer have to work, just be at home. So I decided to start practicing meditation, reading about self-love books and similar topics, I have also been able to listen to various psychologists. And I have had the best psychologist that anyone in the world can have, and in your conscience.

The one that never deceives you and will always tell you the truth, or the harsh truth. It depends on how you look. So in the silence of the passing of days, I began to realize that I do not need someone else in my life, that I did not need that man who was bringing me more sadness, sorrows, annoyances than love and happiness. It has not been an easy path, it was not something that has been accomplished in a day.

But I have been in quarantine for more than 2 months, which has been a long time to reflect. And although at this moment there are many things that I must work on myself, I can say that in my emotional part I feel full, or at least in peace. And if I could speak to you in a pandemic, I would say thank you. Thank you because thanks to that I have been able to listen and get to know myself, something that surely with the noise of the world, would not have been so easy to hear.

Thanks, pandemic.