In March I got sick, my lungs felt like they were on fire. I went to the doctor, they couldn’t test back then but gave me meds. I felt better after few weeks and then bam the COVID-19  jinx hit me. I’ve been to the ER two times. I go to the doctor at least once a week and I feel like I’ve had every symptom possible.

I’m in week 11, I’m tired of being sick I never know what’s gonna happen to me from burning to a tingly numb hurt, racing heart, and weird rashes. I’m tired of being tired I feel like people think I’m crazy and don’t believe me. I just want someone, a doctor to understand me and be there for me. I do have a good day here and there but I’m scared to leave my house because I never know when something will happen. I’ll start feeling weird or some strange crazy feeling. I do try to get outside when I can walk around in the yard. I’ve learned a lot through some of the COVID-19 groups on Facebook but I really wish there was a doctor around me I could go see who understands this and wants to help and understand me.

I wish where I lived they would set up a COVID-19 recovery place for people with the same symptoms so we can help each other and doctors could understand us and help us more. I feel like my days are numbered even though I’m grateful I’m still here, it could be worse but it’s also scary and freighting. It feels like there is no end and your thoughts run wild at times and crazy you feel alone and lost. I pray it just goes away soon ASAP. I wanna feel better I wanna go back to work I want my life back.