Hi, I am Charity B. and I live in Ohio. I’m 46 and a self-taught sculptor. I love animals a lot. I have a cat, two dogs, and some chickens. I am married and I live with my husband.

As I am a sculptor so It has been harder to get supplies for my sculpting and sales are down and I understand that because it is a hard time for all of us. I’m blessed to have a husband that wholeheartedly supports me. I think the biggest change for me has been mental. This lockdown has given me more time to enjoy nature and everything God has provided. My creativity has gone up, with the peaceful time this has forced into us all. I’m meditating more and spending time in nature with my dogs and my art.

The quarantine hasn’t changed my life much because I’ve always been a little bit of a recluse. I own a little land and that has helped with being stuck at home even more. I used to visit with my mom and take her for her errands. But now I just go once a week and don’t get to visit because she has heart disease.

One last thing, my husband is home because his company has a no-fly policy right now. I love the man but he needs to go back to work 😂 he has my house in an uproar every day now because he is bored.

Have a blessed day and good luck with your life.