Dear readers. I want to share my story which for me really makes me feel very sorry. This problem was caused by my stupidity, which resulted in me and others becoming victims of Covid-19 infection. My name is Ibrahim H., 52 years old. The address is in Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara-Indonesia. I am a member of Tablighi Jamaat. I give this story the title “I’m Very Sorry with My Folly.”

My story begins with the existence of the worldwide Ijtima Ulama activities in Gowa, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. As a member of Tabligh Jamaah, I really want to be present at the Ijtima Ulama event, even though I know the world situation and also in Indonesia there is an epidemic of Covid-19 disease. But in my mind and belief, everything that happens in the world is because of God’s decree. So I do not care about the situation that is happening.

Finally, in mid-March, I told my family, I would be out of the area for a few days for some activities. I did not tell, where the activity was carried out. Finally, quietly, and 20 of my friends, sailed to South Sulawesi to go to Goa. I and my friends do not care about the appeal of government officials to maintain social distance. We believe more in God’s provisions. Arriving at the venue, we met thousands of people from various countries and various regions of Indonesia. The atmosphere of mysticism in religion, made us more daring to attend the event.

Then on April 12th, I returned secretly to Dompu, my area. It turns out I was infected with Covid-19. I was examined by a hospital nurse. It turned out that after searching, my wife and children, my parents-in-law, and the nurse who handled me were infected too. My son, Solihin, died, and so did my parents-in-law. Really I am truly sorry for my stupidity.

It turns out that what I believe so far that God is in control of everything, does not mean I am free to do anything without rational consideration. I hope my story is read by many people in the world, that something we believe in religious provisions must be balanced with the logic of human reason.