My name is Andi R., I am Uruguayan. Regarding my experience or changes in my daily life related to the pandemic. It is important to comment on this page since it is a page where I have been able to read different stories from people around the world; I am proud and I want to tell you that in the case of Uruguay, the country shows an epidemiological evolution that indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic is contained.

While the case-fatality rate in America amounts to 6 percent, in Uruguay it has remained stable at around 2.7 percent according to figures found in our different media.

I think that among the main factors that have contributed to containing the spread in Uruguay, is that I consider we have a good health system, we have institutional strength, we have a strong presence of the State in fields such as health, social security, education system and capacity to private sector regulation.

Just as civility and conscience have been seen by the people who have complied and complied with the measures, it is important to emphasize that in my country isolation has been done by people voluntarily, without the need to make them compulsory as it is in most countries.

So for this, in my personal case, my life has not had great changes, I continue to keep my job, the only variation that I worked 7 days in the week but only have to do it 3 days, since I work in a museum and due to this, the number of tourists has reduced notoriously.