My name is Jonathan P. I believe that no person can be considered apart from this world event due to its dire consequences. In the case of PerĂ¹, the severe economic crisis in various regions of the country during the pandemic makes the situation of the population, especially the peasantry and ethnic peoples much more critical. That they are the people who, due to their situation, have been most affected by this situation.

As for my personal case, as I said previously, it is inconsistent to affirm that this pandemic has not affected me. Although I have not been hungry, nor have I known what it is to sleep without a roof, I have been affected in my emotional part. Since I am a person who needs to be in contact with nature every day in order to feel alive, and from my apartment I have only been able to see the sun through a small window in the clothing patio.

However, my consolation is to think of all those communities and people in my country especially those that do not have the same privileges as mine, such as waking up and having food on your table. I have the satisfaction of being able to eat any type of food every day or to be able to have the comforts that I have, such as an apartment with air conditioning, a good bed, internet, a computer, a big television. Yes, they are material things. But that many people would like to have them, and especially in this quarantine in order to have a more pleasant time.