Good afternoon, my name is Uriel H., I am a farmer, I live in San Salvador in El Salvador, which is a country well known for our nature, our diversity, and our famous turtle eggs that you can find in restaurants in my country. Like we are characterized by the hospitality of our people.

I currently have fruit crops (planted for six years), most of the crops are at their highest productivity. Due to this pandemic, most of the fruits have remained stagnant (bananas, mangoes, avocados, tree tomatoes, lemon, orange), the buyers have not been able to acquire the products regularly, the security protocols do not allow the regular movement that previously they did.

I dedicated myself exclusively to the production of fruits, to the care and other activities that crops require, I had never thought about the processing of fruits; because the fruits began to stagnate and fully mature; the fruits began to be damaged and we could not go out to market the products. Due to all this situation, we look for the option of making canned food so as to not lose all the fruits.

All this overturning has not been easy, we had to venture into a new environment and not to mention the achievement of the various ingredients and supplies required for the preparation of canned food, complete chaos; but we had to continue, this is our livelihood. Luckily, together with my wife and daughter, we appropriated all this change. Today we have another option to sell our products, it has been a positive change; This process was complex, but it is undoubtedly a new sales opportunity for our products.