I’m not saying that I’m completely okay. Even though we did not have a high record of deaths in our community due to the virus, there were still lives taken. But I am glad that I live in a community, or yet, an island country where people know how to manage what’s going on. There’s is no way that one can eliminate the virus because if there is, we will not have millions of people die. It is a matter of working together by following rules.

In this pandemic, there is no time to rejoice like before. With the holidays coming, a lot of people from different places could not make it possible and I am so lucky it is not the case for me. My friends and family live close to my home and we can have a mini celebration for the holidays but I know it will never be the same as we have to make sure nobody has been exposed in a crowd or places we know were most impacted.

As for my job, I was not really affected that much as I get to keep my job doing it at home. The only thing is that I have fewer clients than before. How this pandemic really affected me is mentally. The news every single day, how lives were taken from different places, how everyone is trying to live up to a “new normal” and a lot more. Even though it did not happen to me nor my family, it’s still very depressing how this happens and still happening as if it’s not going to end. All I can say is follow the rules. Cooperate, stay in your houses. Let’s all work together so this will come to an end.