My name is Cynthia and I’m from Quebec Canada. I would like to begin by saying that I am a very neat and organized person. I hate the mess, dust, and hairs on the floor, it drives me crazy. So yes I’m a tidy person.

I love to travel and dive around the globe. I’m my own boss so I feel very grateful because I can choose my times to travel and I can work by using my phone. Last year I decided to start traveling and focus on myself, so I said no more dating. In August of 2019, I started to travel and diving. September I met what I call “the love of my life so far.” The combination between a really good dancer and a beautiful heart made me fall for him. I never thought that destiny planned for me to have another thing that I hate, a long-distance relationship.

In the beginning, I said we will remain as friends because I was traveling but the universe took a huge laugh at me and said NOT!  So every 2 weeks for 1 month I was taking a 5 or 6 hours plane for spending my patience and time with him. It was all love and fun until the COVID-19 hit.

It really felt like an apocalypse. My job went to hell, his job went to hell. I had to move with my grandmother. Thank God I am a vegan and my grandmother has very good health. But anyway I wasn’t happy so I decided to leave my comfort and my stability behind. I know that I should’ve stayed home and follow the rules and be smart but I wanted to be with him.

I followed my heart knowing that it could take several flights, that maybe one or two or all of them could get canceled, I am using my savings and to make it worse there is a deadly virus. Luckily it took me almost 9 hours to get with him (not so bad), the first week was beautiful, but remember when I told you that I am very clean and organized, well he is almost the opposite. Imagine me with no patience getting to live with this guy for the first time during quarantine and 0 expectations for the third week. It has been one of my biggest challenges so far.

After some discussions and 3 attempts of murder from my side, we are getting along. We were opposites, now we are yin-yang. My patience is bigger, he has been really helpful and very clean. He has a lot of skills in the kitchen and I wash the dishes. We are not taking any more risks and we pray every day for this to be over.

There are people who are not having a good time and this is destroying the economy. What I really hope is that like me, everyone could take a positive experience from a bad situation such as this.

Patience is the key and take good care and be clean. 😊