The COVID-19 arrived in the north of Brazil later than other places. For us, it had been something far from our realities for months, and after few days, it spread. It started fast and scared the population because of our fragile health system.

At my work many things have changed, but, thank God, I still have work. I started to work from home. I live with my mom and dad. My dad got infected and it was so hard for us to handle it and support him. He got a light infection, so, he didn’t need to go to the hospital. But every day was a new day to know how he was feeling and take decisions about checkups and medicines. It was so helpful I was home in this period.

We were so lucky to have a friend who is a doctor, and he helped us so much! We are really grateful to him! At the same time, I had to support my mom, provide for all my dad’s needs, and keep him isolated. After that, we could help many other friends and relatives to face the virus.

I’m sure that despite all the difficulties, we will finish this pandemic stronger and better than before, and we need to try it every day with patience ourselves and with others.