I have always had lots of love for children and cared for them. I used to dream of becoming an elementary school teacher when I was little. Eventually, after graduating from high school, I got admitted to the major of psychology at Tehran University. I collected some amazing friends who became my family and they were there for me during my years in Tehran.

I got engaged after my graduation and left Tehran to move to my hometown Urmia, for work and living.
I started my work at a clinic, helping people by doing therapies. As I previously mentioned, my love for kids had always been there. So with the help of my husband, we established an elementary school. My responsibilities have become heavier ever since, but I live for the smiles and energies coming from the kids. My abilities in psychology have allowed me to provide better care and education for children under the age of seven and help parents prepare their kids for life.

It’s been 25 years since I have been doing both therapies and managing the heavy yet enjoyable work of educating kids in my institution. I have checked on kids almost every day to make sure they are getting the best services, and seeing them happy made my days.

In December 2020, my brother called and said that our dad had been hospitalized in ICU and that his general condition wasn’t good. He then mentioned that none of us could visit him because they didn’t allow any visitors for the COVID-19 patients. I don’t want to talk about the emotional pressure here, which was failing me at that particular moment, because there was more happening!

A few days later it came out that my mom and all my brothers had COVID-19, which we were sure had been transmitted from our dad. As if it wasn’t enough, my husband was then complaining of fever and sore throat. A few days later I had the same symptoms, so I had to close my institute and stop seeing patients, to look after myself, my husband, and my family.

A month later, at about midnight, my brother called and said our dad had passed away. It took me an hour to process what I’d heard. For the first time in my life, I felt like I now needed help, like how I used to help others get through their grief. I felt helpless and down. Life is truly like a rollercoaster without a view in front. You never know what it’s holding for you. Don’t ever underestimate it, but don’t let it make you lose your power.

I have been back at work and I got my strength back. I know my dad would be proud of me like this. He always did his best to make me reach my goals. I’m not backing off or giving up. I thank God that the rest of my family has survived. I’m spending more time with my mother to make sure she doesn’t lose her strength or feel lonely.