I consider that COVID-19 has come to change our society, it is a virus against the modern world. As a society, we should analyze more calmly from each individual the cause of this crisis, and facing the way not only to solve it but to avoid another, perhaps much more serious in the future.

If you analyze this pandemic, COVID-19 is not the first recent pandemic. There have been others like Èbola in 2014, or MERS in 2012. And all these and others, have started in animals and then in us human beings.

It is a deadly virus that has affected everyone when I think about this, I think it is incredible how diminutive and vulnerable we humans are. That we thought we were so strong, and when this virus arrives, I analyze how insignificant we are and the power that nature has. The one we hurt so much.

But something that has caused me great shock is that this pandemic that we are suffering has affected in a devastating way, especially in the most advanced countries, and affects to a lesser extent the poor countries unlike other viruses better known as smallpox or measles. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in the most developed countries and within each country, the poorest areas, or regions. A clear example of this is Wuhan, which is China’s economic, financial, commercial, cultural, and political center. As well as in France, and Northern Italy where most of the country’s wealth is concentrated. And what about New York? One of the most important cities in the United States.

This makes me think that the fact that this virus has devastated these populations to a greater extent, means that although there is an evident difference between the countries of the first world and the so-called third-world countries, like mine. There must be a change in society, a great change. There must be many changes, social and labor changes, leaving racisms, xenophobia for the other, or their nationality. Because in the end … we are all just a small molecule.