My name is Andrés (29) I’m from DF Estado de México. This whole issue is bigger than just the coronavirus. This is the kind of situation that makes you wake up and say that nobody was prepared for something like this. That the WHO and almost all the governments are reactive but never proactive. They are supposed to give us solutions and calm, but watch the TV or read online and you will see the same every day. Be careful! Beware! Be afraid! Stay alert! Use a mask! Numbers! Really stop. I’m really tired of watching the same.

Governments should be helping their people with free lights and water or free internet at least, like the politicians who never pay. They should be giving calm and advises about this. Show me that you are worried for real. As soon as the quarantine started I got sick with a kidney infection so my cash went straight to that. I lost my job like everyone, I was a bartender so my major income it’s gone. Right now to survive and pay my bills I’m doing different flavors of bagels which is fun but I don’t feel a lot of passion about it.

I cannot visit my mom or my dad or my brothers. I can’t help them either because I am not making money, not even saving it. It’s like we are waiting for a hero to save us and the truth is that the cure is right there, it’s just common sense. I know I sound angry and tired which I am but this is my perspective, so my reality.

Thank you.