I caught the virus, along with my family. Each of us was affected differently; for me, my taste was completely gone – chocolate syrup, hot sauce, I couldn’t taste a thing. We had to quarantine of course, and we all had severe loss of energy. One by one my family and I recovered. All seemed to return to normal, and then my doctor called me after a check-up.

Crazy, but since the virus mutates so fast everyone has a different reaction to it afterward. For me, I suddenly became at serious risk for heart attacks. I’m a middle-aged man, I have a wife and kids. I could die at any moment.

“Keep stress levels down, relax a lot.” Medications and that advice are what the doctor gave me. I sell cars, beating the pavement every day trying to make sales to keep my family fed. Probably one of the most stressful jobs out there. Still, I’ll be okay, right?

Then the heart attacks started. I had two within a few weeks. They were mild, but all the medication I was taking didn’t stop them from happening. I guess the meds and still being in a sales role aren’t doing anything to lower the stress. I haven’t told anyone, my family worrying would only increase my stress levels. So I pretend I’m fine, and I try not to think about stressful things, I take my new medications and wait.

My affairs are in order, will, and money to leave the family if I die soon. Hopefully, I’ll live long enough to see my kids grow up. If not, there is nothing worrying will fix. I won’t live in fear though, it’s my story and I choose to tell one of hope and determination, even in the face of this.