My name is Daniel, 32, from Santiago de Chile.

For me, this pandemic attacked me the same way as everybody. I lost my job, I am using what is left of my savings, same as everyone basically. The thing is that I feel that with all of this that is happening it’s just the world saying enough. We have been very disrespectful to mother nature and tragically we are paying with our lives. The planet is very smart and very old. So it has its own mechanism to defend itself. We are the major consumer of this planet and we are out of control, so for me, the planet is setting up new rules and new ways to deal with it.

Mark my words, we are a part of this planet, we belong here. But it doesn’t mean that we own this place. It’s our responsibility as the smart species to take care of this beautiful house.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, thunderstorms, fires, and viruses…you name it. Mother nature has spoken in many ways through centuries and now it’s a big disease. So what are we going to do about it? Are we going to wear masks and go back to our “normal” life? Are we going to believe in our governments?

I think it’s time to evolve… When mankind is being forced to change, it’s time to change for the greater good. My way of seeing this is simple, I seek only the truth and the truth is that we are not taking care of our only house. For me life is like an RPG so I don’t grow older, I level up.