I started teaching nearly a year after leaving secondary school in 2016. I realized something a little following my teaching job, which basically made me feel like I was somehow a pampered mommy’s boy who always ran to her for help as would a person to a bank when they’re in need of coins.

I actually started pursuing my occupation because I felt like I had grown up and it was high time to give my mum (and dad sometimes) space. Since my sisters were also leading the line in asking for what I asked then.

But I learned that the whole experience wasn’t as I envisaged it to be because a teacher has to attend school earlier do things that he/she does not like and all that jazz. By the way, my mum didn’t like the idea of my doing the job, to begin with – so my dad was the only one in for it. So he took it upon himself to help occasionally with the fare and what have you but he gradually pulled out the support so I became on my own – always waking up early in the morning with or without breakfast and just go to work and return in the noontime under the heat of the scorching sun. I wanted to quit… but mum said “Nah.” I must go on. So I did.

A year has gone by, still, a young man who has been hopeful to earn more, then my boss who happened to give the employment, later left the school after securing a post of lectureship in Gombe State. It was recommended to him by his friend at another school and luckily, he got employed there.  I taught for almost a year and got a job at my current school which meant another satisfying earning.

Whoah, I never thought about anything that would have impeded my progress then; not even the coronavirus pandemic. I was about to finish my study at a teacher-training school before the imposed lockdown and abrupt closure of schools. This pandemic caught virtually everyone unaware and it ruined many plans, to put it mildly, including my graduation as a qualified pedagogue with Nigeria Certificate of Education (NCE).

Conclusively, my school proprietor has done the bit he could to assist us (staff) but with schools all closed and no income on the horizon he stopped everything and sacked some of the temporary staff among his employees. I work at a radio station now, but it’s sort of a no-pay job as I am always thought of as someone who is only utilizing his potential; as in honing his skills there and earning himself something (popularity) in a way.