I developed COVID-19 on March 28th after the rest of my family. They got better but, I got pneumonia after the cough and fever part. I didn’t get tested as the tests were not available in the UK at this time. I never had shortness of breath but had crushing chest pain, cough, painful sinus, and kidney pain. I relapsed twice and now at day 75, and over the last few weeks have developed extreme electrical pulses in my legs and now arms/rest of body, along with chest pain back again.

I was put on amitriptyline two days ago and so far no difference. I’m concerned about fibromyalgia and MS. So tired of it all. If I sleep okay, I can have a good day, if I don’t, work and homeschooling the kids has me in tears trying to manage. I’ve had two blood tests and two ECGs all nothing except a slightly high TSH level for thyroid. D dimer came back negative. I have cut out alcohol, quit smoking, take handfuls of supplements including magnesium, calcium, potassium, plus turmeric tea. Gentle exercise helps but more than that and I’m laid up the next day. Sleep rules everything, if I get enough I can manage physically and emotionally but if I don’t I can’t, the trouble is my son has night terrors 1-4 times a night. I’m scared my body is attacking my central nervous system but the doctors will not send me for an MRI until I start losing motor skills or my vision changes. I’m having 1-3 anxiety attacks a day and struggling to hide my worries for my long-term health from my children, as they are here obviously all the time.

My husband tries to calm me but it’s hard not to take that as him not believing me. The doctors have no clue how to handle it as no guidance has been given on this. I hope these symptoms dissipate for me and all my COVID-19 friends on the Facebook group who are experiencing exactly this, but the truth is nobody knows yet where we will end up.