Hi, I’m Williams E., a resident in Kano, Nigeria. My occupation is business and is based on medical and pharmaceutical supplies and this COVID-19 outbreak has brought about new perspectives of seeing my everyday way of life, which has been more of programmed activities. It has made me realize one can be more productive if one follows or does not follow a pattern of your routine. In essence, I’ve learned that there is more to life than making money -my health, mind, and the relationships I keep with outsiders who are not necessarily my customers.

In this period of pandemic and lockdown which the government has imposed on my country, I also realize that corruption has taken most of our humanity on this side of the world. Because despite the lockdown, a lot of people still violate the rules and move about their daily business as long as they can bribe the officials who are on duty.

Positively I’ve had time to be alone and brainstorm on other kinds of services. I had time to spend with my loved ones and family.¬†On the other hand, I’ve come to believe that everybody has a price that can make them compromise in their belief.¬†Lastly, I’ve come to believe that there are more opportunists in this side of the world, who are after profit and not the wellbeing of humans -from the government, the businessman, and to the end consumers. We are beginning to tend more to our selfish interests.

Another view and what I have come to realize is that the number of COVID-19 victims may be underestimated due to the low tests being carried out in Kano, Nigeria.

Thank you for the opportunity of doing this.