I am 38 years of age, relatively fit, and healthy. I am now on week 12 of COVID-19 (not tested but 99.9% sure I’ve had it).

I started with pretty low-key symptoms overtired, cold, sore throat, loss of taste and smell totally, and bad chest.
As the weeks have gone by I’ve felt ok for a few days then plunged back into worse symptoms and feelings. Shortness of breath, bad chest pains, and tightness, ongoing stomach issues, sickness, dizziness, headaches, forgetfulness, foggy head, anxiety attacks, full-body shakes, mental health spiraling out of control, fear of going out, loss of appetite, insomnia, numbness in feet and hands. The list is endless.

I am able to get out and about now but walking tires me out and makes me feel really horrendous. Any fun activities with my daughter floors me and I have to rest. My stomach is really bad at night time and makes it hard to settle and also is bad when I wake up. I usually love my food and I’ve found it difficult eating most things and having my usual appetite. I didn’t eat properly for about 3 weeks and I’ve only just been able to eat 3 meals a day in the last few weeks.
I’ve never experienced an illness like this that has lasted so long.

I’m eating well and drinking well when I can but my symptoms limit this some days so it’s very hard to manage. I’m hoping I will feel more alert and more myself again soon. The impact on my mental health has also been difficult to manage whilst feeling so tired and not very energetic.