I’m Tatsuma O., I’m from Japan. This is the situation for me with the COVID-19.

In my country, the number of COVID-19 cases is actually not really high. There’re just 16,000 patients of COVID-19 and we don’t have any strict restrictions. We can even still go out. Of course, the government announced the request to restaurants, departments, all of the stores except grocery stores, and some necessities. But surprisingly McDonald’s is still opened, KFC as well, which do takeout only.

I’m a teacher and I have online classes at university almost every day. But as you know, advanced age people can’t use the internet properly including professors. So they just gave us the reports and quizzes every day and we just have to submit them until the deadline. To be honest, I like this lifestyle because I don’t need to go to work, which makes me so comfortable. It takes me an hour to go to my work, therefore, it’s much better to work in my home because I feel more happy and peaceful. I don’t even need to get up early morning. I usually workout to use this time. I’ve been keeping my well-being and healthy life. As I said, we can go out since I run and walk around my house every day. Sometimes going to McDonald’s.

Also, I’ve been waiting for so many shows on Netflix and YouTube and once in a while on Amazon Prime. Apparently, the Japanese government will give us 1,000 dollars for living expenses. So financially I’m not seriously bad.