Imagine a newly married woman who leaves her job upcountry in search of a new and better job in the heart of Uganda Kampala city and boom a virus COVID-19 hits the globe. That is the point for me, a newlywed woman living in Kampala became jobless and penniless.

I was in the process of looking for a new job in February when I heard about the virus for the first time as I had left my upcountry job by the end of January. Little did I know that it would be very serious that it would hit my country and would have to be in lockdown with no money and with no job and that I would have to postpone my job hunt until further notice and I do not know when that will be but relying on the Lord that the pandemic ends soon.

I have had to cut on my expenses as much as possible with my husband and ensure that we live on a shoestring budget because, with little to feed us, we have to be as careful as possible and even more vigilant since we are only depending on the money from my husband’s who is also at the moment not working because of the lockdown. We are also ensuring that we are always indoors and not walking around as we follow the guidelines given by the president.

I have not been able to visit my relatives since the lockdown came into place so I had to even miss some of their birthdays to keep them safe. All in all, it is a struggle going through all this during the pandemic but we are hoping for the best.