I am 24 years old and I’m an e-Learning/LMS expert and Instructional Designer from Islamabad, Pakistan. This pandemic has only left a good impact on me because I have this attitude that everything happens for the better.

I graduated in IT in 2019 with not many skills or work experience. I worked in a couple of organizations and left because I never felt right in the roles I had. In September 2019 I landed a job as an instructor in a university and it was a great career opportunity for anyone but still, I never felt satisfied while that role. I was never the kind of person who would be just satisfied with having a job. But please keep in mind, I am from a humble background, and living in a joint family I had a lot of pressure to make a career in the IT field.

In September 2020, I got released from the instructor job because of the coronavirus pandemic so I decided to start full-time freelancing and I started getting amazing clients on an online community for freelancers and clients.

Another tragic thing that happened during this pandemic is I lost my love. I was with this classmate from 9th grade for eight years and she got married to someone else. Here in our country, the perfect age for marriage is 20 to 25 and in general love, marriages are not appreciated. We are matched and for the man, it’s according to his economic means and stability. I was not in a situation to support a family and my career was also unstable. So I lost my love.

I am now taking every failure as motivation and trying to launch my own online school to teach technical skills to people all over the globe. I also started learning how to cook and am mastering it now. I just appreciate life more than ever before. For me, even with losing a job and love, this pandemic had a lot of positive impacts on my life.

But I know there has been a lot of suffering in our world because of this crisis so we must continue to support and encourage each other and hopefully, all this terrible suffering will end soon for everyone.

Please stay safe. Keep your families and everyone around you safe and we’ll all get through this.