Weeks before the lockdown, businesses were already having a hard time because of the scare, fewer tourists, fewer customers, fewer sales. Most of the small businesses were already having a hard time paying their staff.

On March 25, 2020, the lockdown was announced. First the malls then all vital businesses must obtain special permits in order to operate. People must have move permits if they have to go outside and there’s only a validity on when you can use it. Health, work, or market are your options. You also have to state your mode of transportation in the permit application before they release it to you. We are also required to wear face masks and gloves if we are outside. There are fines for those caught not following these rules. There is also a curfew from 8 pm to 6 am.

Since malls are closed, most of the people stopped from work including myself. I just came from vacation meaning I don’t have vacation days left to use in order to compensate for the days not working. No work, no pay. All our bills are piling up, food supplies are almost consumed, a little worried if the situation will not get better and lockdown will still be imposed longer.

I hope that at some point, everybody will realize that each one of us is a great help. I hope that we work together in lessening the spread of this virus by just staying home if not necessary. My wife and I have spent almost until the last dime we got from our last payment and we don’t know anymore how to live in the next days to come once we have consumed all the food we stocked up.