My name is Dan W., and I am a full-time student at the University of Denver.

As a result of this pandemic, all education within the state has been transferred into online schooling. It is clearly not an easy adjustment and will certainly take some time to get used to. I have no choice but to move back in with my parents and rely on them for survival. This has opened up a whole new part of me as I realize just how blessed I am to have a loving and supportive family that will take care of me in desperate times. Even though I am beyond grateful for their support during this pandemic, It would make me feel much better if I knew that I was living on my own and not relying on someone.

I can only hope that this whole situation ends soon and life can return to normal. I have really realized what I take for granted in life; I never thought something like sports would make the world seem so empty. I have taken a lot from this whole situation and realized what is truly important to me.

I hope my story can teach others to not take anything for granted and be grateful for the people around them.