This pandemic has put us in front of a reality never seen before, in my case although none of my close friends or their families suffer from COVID-19. I prefer not to go out on the street. That is why a question has arisen in me: Why don’t we feel like going out, is it fear? Or is it the well-being of being at home? Since I have noticed that not only does this happen to me and to find this answer we must analyze if we do not want to go out for fear of contagion or because we simply feel well-being in our home and want to be in it?

And I have discovered how happy and peaceful it feels to be at home, not to have to meet people just to meet a requirement or go to a party so as to not look boring and antisocial to my friends. I no longer spend my money on discos, alcohol, or unnecessary clothing just to fill my closet. I have learned to enjoy time by myself, to learn to cook, and enjoy watching a movie while eating something delicious. And to be honest, I don’t expect or want to change that when we get back to our “normal” life.

I believe that as human beings we should learn to be with ourselves before other people, to enjoy solitude, to stop stigmatizing being alone as something bad, boring, or that people are lonely because they are bitter or have some kind of problem. And to understand it as a healthy and respectful lifestyle such as wanting to have a partner or thousands of friends or children.