My name is Carlos, I’m 31 years old and I used to be a TV producer. It was December when I first heard about the coronavirus but I didn’t care about it, because it is an old virus, almost every cleaning product nowadays says on the back that it kills coronavirus, so again I didn’t pay any attention to it.

I was working on a TV show and I was super happy about it, making good money for my future and creating new content for upcoming jobs after it. As soon as my job was done, the pandemic was the new reality that I had to face. Of course, my upcoming jobs went straight to hell and so did my plans. The good thing about this is that I am not afraid of this, so I grab courage and a cold head and start creating a new way to work and make money, so I created BH Ahumados. Let’s say that from a TV producer I became a master chef smoking different types of meats, salmon, pork, cow, chicken… you name it.

With time and determination I became a really good “chef” and let me tell you, business is good right now! The only thing that I do, is everything. I cook and I packed it and I deliver it to my customer’s door.¬†Nowadays there are a lot of people trying to come up with an awesome idea that can make them face this new evil called COVID-19… How can we change its name to that?¬†This is propaganda to keep control of the population. Democracy is just a new name for modern slavery.

By sharing my story I hope I can give hope to those who have lost everything… There is always a way to face darkness with your light. Therefore, let there be light.