Dealing with this whole situation is something no one has experienced and will be no easy task.

As my family and I attempt to live a life as normal as possible, it is hard to look past the numbers. Every time I turn on the TV all I see is coronavirus this and coronavirus that. It just seems to keep getting worse. All of this commotion has caused my family to realize that we need to help and do our part, so we have been donating to the local goodwill. The homeless population has spiked recently in our area and it would be hard to just ignore them. All of our used clothes and old toys go directly towards helping them and the less fortunate.

I think we have all taken something positive from this and learned that people are in great need. When life is going smoothly for you and your family, there is no guarantee that others feel the same way. Fortunately, our family is not in great danger at the moment, we have been doing our part to stay home as much as possible and everyone has high hopes. The kids love being quarantined because it means sleeping in and video games every day! It’s just like an indoor summer vacation.