My name is Maritza Á., I am a native of Mexico City. I am an accountant in a small business.

Being in my city on any given day after daily work, the news came as a wave of astonishment, in the world a new disease had appeared that attacked various organs of the human body and with a high contagion, this through the respiratory tract.

It was the COVID-19, called coronavirus. The authorities at the national, departmental, and municipal levels, seeing that it was a serious problem, decided to do what, according to experts, the best measure was to stay at home and not have social contact to avoid catching the disease.

Life has changed, first of all, because we have had to cut our social relationships. And after listening and seeing so many difficult cases and situations; This makes us personally reflect more on our own existence and value more the essentials in life, the family, the loved ones that surround us, and deepen our existence.
Continue fostering space for meditation and personal and community prayer, service, and placing trust in God and the Blessed Mary so that they continue to accompany us on this earthly path.

Now I always think that from the bad we have to see also the positive, we are in a globalized world where the economy, fashion, money, technology, and consumerism prevail among other factors that do not allow us to have the life that generations ago lived – what is it like to be with your family, work helping with household chores, enjoying leisure time.